10 Ultimate New Years Resolutions.

10 new years resolutions

Happy New Years!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas and like me looking forward to the year ahead, I know its a little early but I’m not a huge fan of new years eve, so I thought lets get started on something new, you’ve got to begin somewhere, right?! here’s to all the new possibilities and opportunities the new year may bring, exciting stuff eh!!  Here’s a list of top 10 Resolutions I’d like to share with you and see if we can  jump up and shout out  “I CAN DO THAT!” lets start  2017 as we mean to go on… this could be our greatest year!!

1, 10 new years resolutions www.mummysmagicalmayhem.comLose Weight..I’m not saying its going to be easy! but as a family we’re going to try and cut out sweets, and chocolate, my biggest downfall!, and try to eat more healthy.

2, Getting Organized…Never enough hours in the day, as you’re all aware of, but even planning weekly meals would be a great help, prepare, and freeze them all great time savers! Also putting foil on the bottom of the oven floor so if any spills occur no more scrubbing just lift up, throw away and hey presto clean oven floor, Yay!

3, Spend Less Save More…We’ve recently taken the Aldi challenge and cannot believe how much we saved, have a go see what you think? Now I am on a mission, going  to look at energy saving with great website. You could save up to £200 a year just by changing energy supplier, just think of all the little goodies you could treat the family too!

4, Enjoy Life To The Fullest…I love this, what makes you happy, go for it as life is far to short. Walking in the park with family and friends, planning holidays, short breaks, spending quality time with the people you love.

5, Staying Fit And Healthy…We all could walk a little more and eat a little less doesn’t have to back breaking, every step counts just got to keep moving, put on your favourite tune whilst cleaning and you’ll do it in half the time with a smile on your face, or if you are a little competitive like me, set your timer to 30 minutes and see how much you can do!, go on, have a go, you’ll be amazed!

6, Learn Something Exciting… I’m always wanting to learn new things,I’m looking at photography this year, especially as my little man is growing up so fast, I want to capture his special moments. Local colleges run short courses in the evenings and Saturday mornings. worth having a look, and are really reasonably priced which is always a bonus.

7, Quit Smoking … I have never smoked but for all my friends that want to give up, this is your year ,you can do it!

8, Help  Others In There Dreams… I think this is a really good one as its always a great feeling to give something back and if I can help my friends in anyway possible to make their dreams come true… I would love that!! Hey and helping me with mine would be truly appreciated!!

9, Fall In Love…I feel truly blessed to have found my wonderful husband but as I know how hard it is to meet “the one!.” we all could help our friends and do a little bit of match making. Plus its always great getting together with friends.

10, Spend More Time With The Family… We all love spending time with our families sharing the good times are the best, but its hard all getting a day off at the same time with work commitments. Set a date and time and organise something fun, even an hour swimming, a walk by the river, anything that you all like to do.

That’s it in a nut shell! plenty to be getting on with, even if we can attempt a couple of the points above I’m sure we’ll all have a huge smiles on our faces  and that’s what its all about! Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2017!!


Mandy x

Mandy J McDonald

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