3 Easy Steps To Healthy Glowing Skin.

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If like me you’ve had a really busy Christmas and new year, it really starts to show on my skin, a few late nights meeting up with friends & family and having a couple of extra glasses a wine!, as you do running up to the festive season, and with my son teething, just to throw a little extra into the mix, I really needed to give my skin a little TLC.

We all know that we should cleanse, tone, and moisturise, in the mornings and in the evenings, no great secret there! but time is so precious, so I wanted to share this little luxurious bag of pure magic with you!


3 easy steps to healthy glowing skin

The Liz Earle Superskin Try-Me Kit!

I can’t tell you how amazing this range is, my skin felt as though I had a full hour facial within a few minutes, it felt that good! All the products smell absolutely fantastic, you can actually smell all the natural oils which is so relaxing, especially when you use the concentrate for night, as it has lavender and chamomile essential oils in the ingredients.

The 3 Steps;

1, Cleanse and Polish, the difference with this compared with normal cleansers is that you also have a pure muslin cloth to help remove all daily grime and make-up, so as you are removing the cleanser the cloth is working its magic giving your skin that extra polish for that amazing healthy glow. Here is a link on how to use the cleanse and polish correctly. I was going to show you myself, but think I need to use the products a few more times! haha,  leave it to the professionals I think!


2, Tone, with the instant boost skin tonic spritzer, so easy to use just close your eyes, and gently mist over your face and throat. it soothes and tones instantly.


3, Moisturise, in the mornings you just need to apply a little moisturiser to your throat and face and gently massage in upward movements and you’re  done! if its in the evening apply a couple of drops of superskin concentrate onto your fingertips,  just after you have toned , gently massage into your throat and face in upward movements, close your eyes and breathe in all the essential oils, it truly is relaxing. Finish by applying your moisturiser as you did in the morning.  When you wake up your skin will feel amazing and you get to do it all again! Yay!

I know you may think, it sounds like a lot of messing?!, but I promise the whole system only takes a few minutes and even after the first time you use the products you really can tell the difference. We all need a little TLC and I think this is a little bag of facial magic! it’s great to try before you make a commitment to purchase the full size products.

Hey and I’m not on commission or anything like that! I just wanted to share this, with all you mummy’s out there, if like me your skin is looking a little dull and you want an instant pick me up, then this little bag of magic lotions is just for you! we have all spent on the kids its now time to treat ourselves, we are all worth it! Hope you love these products as much as I do.


Mandy x



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