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Autumn Adventures In Little Green Dino Wellies

Whilst braving the very best of the Great British weather 🙂 James has been seeking out his very own autumn adventures in little green dino wellies. Our first experience of blackberry picking was at the top of the list!

autumn adventures in little green dino wellies

As we set off, with his blue bucket in hand which my little man takes everywhere! We could see lots of blackberries ready for picking. This was James very first blackberry picking experience, he really got stuck in! He so reminded me of myself as I remember picking blackberries with my brother and sister’s when I was a kid. Ready to take home and enjoy eating a slice of homemade blackberry pie! The best memories of autumn eating warm pie, mmm! I have to say there wasn’t enough to make a pie but hey a little tart and maybe a few for my gin treat at the weekend, Yay! a win win for both of us 😉

autumn adventures in little green dino wellies

As you can see James soon wanted to have a taste of his freshly picked blackberries, bless him! Then it was time to climb the hill and head to the park.

All the way up James was stomping in big steps,shouting “RAAR RAAR”, loving his dino wellies and being free to explore through the trees. It makes me smile that wherever we go, even just 5 minutes from our house every step is an adventure!

autumn adventures in little green dino wellies

These little dino wellies have really been put to the test over the last couple of weeks we’ve walked miles and James has jumped in every puddle, big or small, testing the quality to the max! They’ve not let us down  his feet have always been warm and dry, and have wiped down like new, not like the rest of him!

autumn adventures in little green dino wellies

What kid doesn’t love making the biggest splashes, and being a big kid myself! we both ended up jumping up and down having the best time, laughing and singing in the rain. It’s always the simple things that bring the biggest smiles 🙂

After almost draining all the water out of the puddle we quickly run for shelter, whilst the heavens opened!

autumn adventures in little green dino wellies

We’ve really had some of the best days out in these little green dino wellies from next ,taking on our autumn adventures in true dino style. We’ve also had a fab day out at Hurstwood Reservoir if you’d like to check it out 🙂

James can easily put the wellies on with the handles being on top. I love the colour and James thinks they are amazing as he doesn’t want to wear anything else on his feet at the moment!  I think they look fab and are great quality.  They are also easy to wipe down and look like new all ready for our next autumn adventure! I would recommend these wellies to all mummy’s who love the outdoors, and splashing in muddy puddles!

Have a great week 🙂


Mandy x




Mandy J McDonald

Author: Mandy J McDonald

A UK Family Lifestyle & Days Out Blogger – Sharing our mini family adventures & my love for all home and garden inspirations with lots of tips & tricks!!!

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  1. Reply
    Sarah Christie
    October 2, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    A bless him, Joe used to live in his wellies when he was little, he would pull them on first thing in the morning and head straight out into the garden, James seems so similar bless, its lovely to see him enjoying the autumn x

    1. Mandy J McDonald
      Mandy J McDonald
      October 4, 2017 at 3:42 pm

      Aww thanks Sarah he does love his wellies he’s had them on every day since we bought them! I think it’s great that he can put them on himself with the little handles on the side they’re great! Bet it doesn’t seem like two minutes that Joe was doing the same, they grow so fast don’t they. 🙂 xxxxx

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