Bringing Home a Little Sunshine.

Love these!

Coming home after our weekly shop isn’t always the easiest, getting James Joseph out of the car and keeping him amused while carrying all the shopping into the house…. well it can be difficult to say the least! You know what it’s like you need about 3 pairs of extra hands all at the same time! Today was just the same, I managed to get James Joseph in his booster seat to eat his lunch which I had already prepared, thank goodness I must have been on the ball this morning, while I quickly put away all the shopping.How lovely

When I was shopping I couldn’t believe these little beauties were only  £2.49 from Aldi, such a bargain! they just made me smile and I had to get them, it’s like bringing a little bit of sunshine into our home. Love these!They didn’t take a minute to plant up and I was really pleased how they looked, doesn’t take much to make me smile! James Joseph is ready for his afternoon nap so after I put him down it’s so nice to have a little bit of me time after such a busy morning. Then I can recharge my batteries and get ready for part 2 when little man wakes up!my lovely cuppaI love to make myself a lovely cuppa and sit at the table to read one of my favourite home magazines, just bliss! and my miniature daffodils just bring that extra little added sunshine to my day. How quick the time go’s by, little man is awake now so its time to get ready and head out for some fresh air.playing footballAfter lots of fun running round the garden and James Joseph shouting “Goal” every time he kicked the ball!  it was time to come in for tea. I love how the nights are getting lighter, spring doesn’t seem too far away. Here’s to more sunny day’s, hopefully not long now!


Mandy x

Mandy J McDonald

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