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Bubbly Bath Time Fun

Yay i did it

One of my favourite times of the day is Bath Time, when we run the bath our little man comes running into the bathroom for his bubbly bath time fun with the biggest smile on his face, it lights up my day. He watches in awe of the bath running, is your little one the same?

Bath time Fun www'

As soon as the bath is ready James Joseph is stood eagerly right beside me waiting to get in. He has all his favourite bath time toys lined up ready to go. I love to watch him play and try to swim from one end of the bath to the other splashing away loving every minute. The only trouble we have  is he never wants to get out!

Trying to get hulks head back on

He nearly got me

bubbly bath time fun

He loves Incredible Hulk I thinks he likes that his head comes off and he can put it back on again, he gets all excited every time he achieves it. I couldn’t believe how patient James Joseph was this evening putting Incredible Hulk up next to the taps then dropping it back into bath and picking him back up again with huge smiles on his face. Magical moments in the bath, priceless!

Our two favourite things at the moment for bath time are an Incredible Hulk figure, and Johnsons bed time baby wash, have you used this product?  it smells amazing and so does the whole bathroom after you have used it. It’s a really relaxing smell and I’m convinced it helps our little man to chill before bedtime.

my bath time essentials


I don’t know about you but every evening we try to keep to the same routine, and as much as we love all the bath time bubbles and fun, I really do think it has helped James Joseph with getting to sleep. Here’s to many more bubbly bath times full of bubbly fun!


Mandy x

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