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A Few Essentials for Afternoon Fun With The Boys.


I love spending time together as a family, and still smile every time I say that, as I never thought it would happen to me! our little man is always eager to get outside as he loves being out doors, just like our dog Molly, but its not always just as simple as that!!

If you are like me, and  have learnt the hard way, that you cannot just up and leave with a toddler, and take everything out with you bar the kitchen sink haha. I hope these little tips help you. My bag was the size of a holdall and weighed a ton, I kid you not! now  18 months in, I have a few tricks  up my sleeve to save time, money and my poor shoulders! Here are just a few tips on packing a little bag ready for the afternoon;

1, Nappies, wipes, nappy bags.

I always pack 2 nappies, use an empty wipe holder and just put about 6 wipes in, and 3 nappy bags to wrap round so everything is neat ready to go into the bottom of my bag


2, Prepare some lunch ready to eat on the go!

I have 2 plastic containers, one for the fruit, one for the egg and bite sized sandwiches, my son will not eat them if they are too big!! a yogurt, water, and little flask for a coffee to keep us going!



3, A small freezer bag to keep it all in.



4, A football, and tennis ball. One for the boys one for the dog.

5, A couple of pound coins and change for parking handy to keep in my pocket, also in my pocket are tissues and a small tin of Vaseline for my lips.

Ready for the off…Yay!! now I am no expert and I’m sure you can add more for your outings  but I think just being a little organised and not having to carry all bulky things, makes for a great afternoon out. Happy Days!


Mandy x


Mandy J McDonald

Author: Mandy J McDonald

A UK Family Lifestyle & Days Out Blogger – Sharing our mini family adventures & my love for all home and garden inspirations with lots of tips & tricks!!!

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