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Our Family Christmas 2016.

our family christmas 2016

Have you all had a wonderful Christmas? We had an amazing day as our little man had more of an idea this year, which was brilliant!, well he loved ripping all the paper off his presents and jumping into the boxes! such fun?! never mind what the actual presents are! haha he’s 18 months now and everything is a whole new and exciting adventure to him, no task too small,  and no obstacle he wont try and climb,  or knock out of the way! He’s hilarious! I could watch him all day long the expressions on his face, and the excitement in his eyes, well it just makes our hearts melt!.



I absolutely LOVE Christmas I’m like a great big kid!, everything about it makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I know it may sound cliché but the whole build up to the big day is what I love the most, buying our family tree, decorating the tree, playing Christmas carols, buying presents for family and friends, writing out cards, visiting and spending quality time family and friends, I love all the fun and madness the festive season has to offer.

our family christmas 2016

Now with the addition of James Joseph it makes Christmas all the more magical again, and I’m so looking forward to passing on our family traditions down to our son and hope he passes them on, in years, to come to his children. I wanted to share some of our special moments of the morning. Our sons little face when he opened his first present was priceless and what makes Christmas so special to us.our family christmas 2016

James loved everything he opened! look at his little face..awwwww!! We have not managed to assemble some of his presents, I don’t know about you, but some of the train tracks and car tracks, are like doing a krypton factor assemble challenge!, if you can remember way back when! haha.

our famiy christmas 2016

I hope you enjoyed every minute of your special day, cant believe its all over with now for another year! Here’s to  many more magical Christmas’s  to come!!


Mandy x


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