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Feeling The Love In Our Home.

feeling the love in our home

Feeling the love

What a lovely day we’ve had as a family on this Valentines Day, my hubby bought me these lovely roses, from Aldi so not breaking the bank! which was a great start to my day as they are my favourite! I made my hubby a full English breakfast and we all sat at the table eating our breakfast together which was a lovely gift in itself, I don’t know about you but its always a manic rush to get ready in the mornings and we don’t always get that time to all sit at the same time but as my hubby was off today we had loads of time to do all the simple things together, what a huge difference it makes. loving the flowersAfter breakfast we all went to the park, as James Joseph needs to run his little legs off! and we’re loving all the spring flowers beginning to show there beautiful colours and bulbs peeping through, it all makes you feel like spring is well and truly on its way, yay!Having a breakAfter running up and down after Molly, James Joseph decided to have a well earned break, he just stopped still and sat down where he was stood…. so funny!Running in the parkWe all head back home after lots of fun in the park, there is no price you can put on spending time together as a family I love every minute being out and about. As we arrive home and have lunch, it’s time for James Josephs nap and he’s shattered bless him. Then when we sat down with a well earned cup of tea, I was staring at my flowers and noticed how many love hearts we have  scattered round our home, believe me we have a lot! anyway it just made me smile as I love our little bungalow and feel the love in every room.feeling the lovefeeling the loveHere’s to feeling the love everyday, whether it’s being out and about with family and friends, or being in your home sitting having 5 minutes with your favourite cuppa! Feel the love wherever you are.



Mandy x

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