Having Fun With Glitter Paints.

having fun with glitter paints

We managed to go for a quick walk today but we couldn’t stay out for long as it was far to cold for James Joseph, so we had to have a play day inside, I don’t know about your little ones but its full on with my little man and I have to be organised with lots of fun activities ready to go! After running round the house playing Thomas the tank engine, shouting Toot Toot! and chug chugging up and down the living room, then setting up the train track and smashing it up again as fast as I put it up! I thought it was time to have a sit down activity, hey and I needed to sit down for 5 minutes, you know how it is!Glitter paintingMy friend told me they was selling kids paints in Asda, so I nipped down the other night and picked some up and I have to say there was loads of crafting ideas all at really good prices definitely worth a visit, I bought these glitter paints for £3!,, included with the paints were a bright yellow protective plastic sheet, and two paint brushes, so no need to buy them as an extra, great value.Glitter PaintingGlitter PaintingGlitter PaintingJames Joseph loved getting his hands stuck into the paints, he also loved using the paint brushes to paint on the paper and his hands! He had loads of fun and that’s what its all about, and for £3 well that’s just a real bargain! I didn’t need to use much either, a few blobs of each colour on the top of the plastic sheet were enough to keep my little man occupied, plenty left for another day:). The glitter paint was easy to wash off his hands and didn’t stain his clothes, so another plus in my eyes. Here’s to having fun and keeping sane on cold windy days! Happy Glitter days.


Mandy x

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