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I can’t believe how fast the last twelve months has flown by, has it been the same for you? I was looking at some photos of James Joseph early today and was thinking how much he has changed over the months. Then I came across some photos of him eating, and was instantly taken back to that special day when our friends got married, it was one of the first special occasions we were invited to as a family, and was such a magical day. I couldn’t stop smiling, I was so proud of our little man, and his funny little face’s he is such a little star! it seems like only yesterday, where does the time go?

funny little faces www.mummysmagicalmayhem.comfunny little faces

I love these photos they make my heart melt. I remember when our little man was tucking into that piece of chocolate cake and he got it everywhere, all our friends were laughing and I think there were more on me and daddy than there actually was in his little mouth! All good fun though and he loved playing with that huge spoon, its always the little things that keep our little man amused.

Loving the bubbles

Look at him now! twelve months on and he still loves the little things in life, a balloon, lots of bubbles and James Joseph is in his element, he will run round and play for hours, don’t you just wish you could keep them this way forever! My friends have all said to me treasure these early years as they will flash you by and before you know it James Joseph will  be going to school, and with him now being almost 19 months, I can believe it!

funny little faces

Lets hope the next twelve months doesn’t pass quite as fast, and we have lots more funny faces to share and make those magical moments stay forever in our hearts.


Mandy x

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