A Glimpse Of Sunshine On The First Day Of Spring.

First Day Of Spring

I can’t believe it’s the first day of spring today,  I feel like shouting out Yay winter is over thank goodness for that!:)  I love the lighter days, feel like I can fit loads more into my day. First Day Of SpringFirst Day Of SpringI love all the colour that spring has to offer and just walking Molly Mac round the park taking it all in just brightens my day. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to increase my daily exercise whenever I get the chance so as soon as the rain stopped today we were out. First Day Of SpringJames Joseph doesn’t need any excuse to be out as soon as I pull out his coat he’s heading for the door, he’s full of a cold at the moment and absolutely hates his nose being wiped, bless him, as you can see from the pic above his little nose runs faster than I can wipe it! Top tip always carry spare tissues in your pocket, or you could end up like me today who forgot to replace mine and had to keep wiping his nose on my coat sleeve, disgusting I know but what do you do?! My coat did need washing anyway haha. First Day Of SpringI know the park was like a mud bath but it didn’t stop us all having fun. The hardest part of my day was trying to get James Joseph off the slide he just loves climbing up onto everything at the moment and I’m trying not to look too nervous when he’s jumping off shouting “catch” my heart is in my mouth most of the time these days. He’s defiantly going through a super hero phase where he has no fear of anything great for his confidence I’m sure just not too sure how much my  heart can take! He’s a right little dare devil and even though I try not to laugh his cheeky little face as he’s about to jump just gets me every time.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your first day of spring, the lighter nights are coming yay!:)


Mandy x

Mandy J McDonald

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