How Do You Know What Portion Sizes To Serve Your Toddler?

how do you know what potion sizes to serve your toddler

If you’re like me when it comes to food and nutrition for my son I’m conscious that I want to give him the best possible start, as we all do! I’ve been talking to my friends and like me are sometimes in the dark to what portion sizes to give their little ones too! I’m in total control of what he puts into his mouth, so I’m always looking on the web for information on what he should be eating which is age appropriate , what foods are best for him and looking for different meals to serve him. There is so much information out there that it just blows my mind so I’d like something simple to help me break meal and snack times down and to know exactly how much portion sizes should be on James plate.

how do you know what potion sizes to serve your toddler

Couldn’t help putting this cheeky picture in of James he is always on the go and even though the sun isn’t shining he loves to be outside playing in the garden so I’m not worried that he doesn’t get enough excise as he runs rings round me! 😉 But am I feeding him too much? After looking at lots of information I do like … this gives you lots of ideas and guidelines to what our toddlers should be eating also the actual plate/ bowl sizes and food portions. The website and pdf document also has lots of other information such as eating well recipes,, in this file there are lots of simple recipes and the cost of how to make them, which is a couple of years old but not a lot has really changed. It also shows the finished results and has tips on how to adapt the recipes for older children and babies.

how do you know what potion sizes to serve your toddler

These are some of James favourite fruits, my attempt at a clowns face! you’ve got to try haven’t you :). Here’s a link on healthy packed lunches for pre-schoolers and toddlers when you’re on the go! This Pdf document is packed full of ideas and information from health and safety issues when packing and preparing a packed lunch, from choosing the right lunch box  and water bottle sizes, to breaking down the cost of the packed lunches, just to give you an idea on what you are spending which is really great when you’re on a budget, I’m always trying to save but don’t want to compromise on the quality. I hope you’ve found something in this to help you with portion control and ideas on simple and cost effective meals as it has really helped me. Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend 🙂


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