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A Little Bit Of Me Time.

a little bit of me time

There’s nothing nicer than being able to grab a bit of me time in my working day, even if its not for very  a long,  grabbing the lead and taking Molly Mac out for a walk round the park it’s just bliss 🙂

a little bit of me time

Well I have to say Molly takes me for a walk as she knows what she wants and where she wants to go ,It makes me laugh as she always heads straight for the flowers she’s  defiantly a girly girl,  ! I just love watching  Molly running free and enjoying the fresh air, and I love the peace and quiet just walking round , as you know you don’t get much of that with a 22 month old toddler and as much as I love every minute with him I think you do need some time to yourself for your own sanity! and not to feel guilty for doing it!

a little bit of me time

Sometimes she actually looks like she’s smelling the flower’s ,so funny! and I end up saying do they smell nice… like I’m talking to my son it’s a good job people in the park know me as you might think I’m just a mad dog lady! I cant help it as Molly Mac has been with us for almost 5 years and is a huge part of our family she’s my best friend always there to greet me with her wagging tail, so eager to please and so loving, I love her to bits!!

a little bit of me time

Walking round the park enjoying all the wildlife, flowers and tree’s just makes me feel calm and relaxed, as a busy working mum I think grabbing a little bit of me time is great and gets me through my day, whatever you like to  do make a little bit of me time for yourself.  We all work so hard and as parents I feel we’re always giving every spare minute raising our little ones and as much as we all love doing that, I feel we do need to give ourselves a break. I’m always saying there’s not enough hours in day, I just don’t have the time?! It’s so important for your own wellbeing, and do it without felling guilty as if you’re like me I put everyone else’s needs before mine.

a little bit of me time


Enjoy a little bit of me time whatever you decide to do, a long soak in the bath, reading your favourite book, exercise, grabbing a cuppa and having 5 minutes can just make all the difference to your day!. 🙂


Mandy x


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