Our Lovely Sunday Walk.

After a really hectic week it was lovely to have a day off where we didn’t have to rush off and be any where in particular, there are always loads of things to be doing at home, as you know having a little one, but I thought we don’t have a lot of days like these, so you have to make the most of them don’t you! as the sun was shining  we headed off out to see where this lovely morning would take us.Our lovely Sunday Walk www.mummysmagicalmayhem.comI love how James Joseph wants to explore everything he see’s. His favourite things at the moment are trees, he loves them. I think all the different colours, shapes, sizes and textures just intrigue him, plus it’s his favourite word to say at the moment, he can’t walk passed them without pointing and saying “tree”, soooo cute!loving the treesour lovely sunday walk www.mummysmagicalmayhem.comWe decided to go and see my sister as James Joseph loves his Auntie Sarah,  and it’s always lovely to have a coffee and a good old catch up! love this!As soon as we arrive Auntie Sarah gets the tambourine out and his little face lights up as he starts banging and singing away, we haven’t a glue what he’s singing but he’s having loads of fun, and he’s making both of us laugh.loving his tambourineMy sister made some lovely blueberry pancakes and a great cup of coffee, well worth the walk down to see her! We had a good catch up then I could sit back and  watch my sister sing and play with James Joseph, after about 15 versions of, ” I went to my grandmas, my grandma wasn’t in…” he didn’t stop laughing the whole time we were there.I went to my grandmasA lovely relaxing Sunday, it’s soon time for tea then James Josephs bedtime routine which is bath, a little playtime with his toys, then a short bedtime story and and orlafWhat a lovely end to a lovely day, now James Joseph is tucked up in bed, it’s a quick tidy round, get all our clothes ready for tomorrow and I can have 5 minutes to myself, pure bliss! Happy Sundays!


Mandy x


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