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Our Son’s First Magical Moments In The Snow.

1st footprints in the snow

What better way to wake up, open the curtains and look outside to see it has snowed, Yay! I feel like jumping from the roof tops, I absolutely love it! everywhere you look is white glistening with snow, its amazing! James Joseph and I set off to play, so excited as this is his first magical moments playing in the snow.

1st footprints in the snow

His first foots prints in the snow, ahhhhhh.. how cute are they! are you the same with your little ones when they experience anything for the first time? What a great time we had, I couldn’t keep his gloves on though, he just wouldn’t have it, every time I tried to put them on he just pulled them off, think he just loved to feel the snow in his hands, James Joseph just wanted to get stuck in and play to his hearts content, happy days.

our sons first magical moments in the snow

His little hands were freezing but he loved playing in the snow trying to throw it at me, he was laughing his little head off. He had just seen a bird fly passed when I took this photo. Just capturing these little moments are the best its like you are looking at everything in the world for the first time in a whole new light,  that’s what makes me feel like its the best job ever being a mum for the first time I feel so privileged.

our son's first magical moments in the snow

What a happy little man, as long as James Joseph has a stick in his hand he’s in his element. Then he found out he could make patterns writing in the snow there was no stopping him, we must have been there for ages squiggling away he loved every minute.

our son's first magical moments in the snow

As cold as the day was, this little man just melts my heart, we didn’t venture too far, with this being our first day in the snow and both getting wet through, I think I need to invest in some waterproof pants for our next venture out, as we spent more time falling on the floor! lots of fun memories were made and that’s what its all about. It doesn’t matter where you go, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time, that’s what I have learnt with my little man, our little adventures take place soon as we leave our home. I hope you have made lots of magical memories playing in the snow with your little ones. I’m going to be a little more prepared for our next snow day, well try to be! There is always something to learn as a new mum and I don’t know all the answers but nothing I’ve ever done has given me so much happiness. Happy snow days.


Mandy x

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