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A Beautiful Day For A Lovely Walk In The Park

Whats that I see over there?!

What a beautiful day for a lovely walk in the park! I love days like this when we can all get wrapped up and head out for a lovely walk in the park.  You never know what is going to happen and what our little one is going to get up to!

a lovely walk in the park www,

As we arrive at our local park, he’s off! running round picking up sticks, and small tree branches, our little Mr Incredible! Are your little ones the same? I love how they just want to run everywhere, laughing and jibber jabbing away  without a care in the world!, running through the trees, rolling round on the floor amongst all the leaves, experiencing all the amazing nooks and crannies that nature has to offer.

Look what I've got mummy!Loving the leaves!

How is your local park in your area? Our local park is great for adults and kids, as there is lots of space for James Joseph and Molly to run free. There are two play areas one for older children, the other for toddlers. The toddler park has a huge sandpit with a little climbing frame within it, there are lots of wonderful gadgets to lift the sand and build castles, which James Joseph loves, great fun!

a beautiful day for a lovely walk in the park

There are lots of small wildlife too, different breeds of birds, squirrels, and rabbits, all running round and flying passed which makes our little one stop in his tracks and point them out , love his little face when he sees something new! Plus he’s learning all the time, being 18 months old he’s like a sponge, soaking up all the new information. Are you like me? I’m always repeating myself saying, “look at the birds”, “look at that tree”, I never shut up, but I’m sure it’ll be all worth it…well I hope!.

Yay! I'm off.


I don’t know how your little ones are, but my little man loves the outdoors which is great for us as a family as Molly, our very energetic dog!, is permanently muddy and wet through most of the time! so having a clear dry sunny day in winter is an added bonus for us, not as much cleaning when we get home!


Wheres my stick?!

I don’t think you can beat the outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, clearing out the cobwebs, laughing and giggling with your little ones, sharing all their new adventures together is what makes those memories even more magical.

Have an amazing day! making your own magical memories together.


Mandy x

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