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How To Make Your Own Fun With Stickers.

fun with stickers

This morning was so funny , I bought James his first dot to dot with stickers book when I went shopping and a  great price at £1.99 from Aldi. As I was trying to show James how to do the dot to dot by counting the numbers and drawing, which he wasn’t really interested in he just wanted to grab the pencils and start scribbling! haha  but as soon as I got to the sticker section he loved it and was sticking them on every page all over saying “chicken, birdie” loving them. He was concentrating so hard sticking each one down with such precision , it just made me smile.

fun with stickers

fun with stickers

fun with stickers

After lots of fun with the stickers I said ” why don’t we stick this little butterfly on the bunny rabbits nose” and James immediately turned round and stuck it on my nose bless him then he started sticking them on his own nose and was giggling away! So I thought lets stick them on all the parts of the face he couldn’t stop laughing  great fun and a definite thumbs up for the sticker book 🙂

fun with stickers

How cheeky does he look here he absolutely loved sticking them all over my face  and all over his 🙂

fun with stickers


There’s lots of stickers in the book including;  butterflies, mice, bee’s chickens, spiders,  also garden utensils, flowers carrots and apples, so a real variety of things big and small, and then you have all the farm animals which you can dot to dot,  so great value to play over and over again. I really loved this book as it has a variety of all the farm yard animals  which makes for great interactive learning for you and your little one. Also great for sticking on parts of the animals to reinforce  body parts as well as sticking them on your own face,  all makes for great learning through play.  Enjoy your Friday whatever you’re doing 🙂


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