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Meee In A Family Minute: 60 Ways To Improve Your Family Life In 60 Secs (Review)


(Review) Meee in a family Minute: 60 Ways To Improve Your Family Life In 60 Secs is a fantastic little book! Full of tips, motivation and inspiration. Just what every parent/caregiver needs as a boost when you need it most…

I wanted to review this bright yellow little book as I love motivational books, and in these worrying times who doesn’t need a boost, or a kick up the bum! 😉

Written by Sid Madge, this book is easy to read, realistic, practical, and full of  inspiring quotes!


Sid Madge is founder of Meee (My Education Employment Enterprise) which draws on the best creativity and thinking from the worlds of branding, psychology, neuroscience, education and sociology, to help people achieve extraordinary lives.

To date, Meee has transformed the lives of over 20,000 people, from leaders of PLC’s and SME’s to parents, teachers, students, carers, the unemployed and prison inmates.

Sid Madge is also author of the ‘Meee in Minute’ series of books which each offer 60 ways to change your life, work & family.


I absolutely love these little snippets of practical experiences! Easy to understand and full of inspiring quotes to help keep you motivated, especially through these challenging times.

I have a few favourites like “Creating a Family Bucket List”!  something I’ve always done with my partner but never with my son. It’s the little things that always seem to have the biggest impact! My son loves to give his input on this and just made me smile that everything he wants to do cost’s absolutely nothing. Just time and attention!

“Create family traditions,” is also one of my favourites! I have a list as long as my arm, but never really stopped to ask myself why? I remember doing so many traditions with my Grandma, and my Dad but never with my mum. She was always too busy. I never want my son to feel like that and this little exercise made me realise how much I want my son to remember all the silly traditions that make us as a family smile inside.

There are so many tips and tricks that are so simple to implement. This little book is great to keep on your bedside table and give you lots of ideas! Especially when your feeling low and just need a little inspiration to get you going. It has certainly has helped me!:)

The best thing about this little book is that every idea takes less than a minute to read. Makes you think about whats happening in your family and just gives you the focus to move forward! 

If you’re looking for a fab little stocking filler, Click on the link for 20% off using the Code- MUMMYMM it’s a great read  for every family member. Especially if you’re feeling a little lost, unmotivated, or just in need of  a little goodness! 🙂 

Sid has also written some other books too, which look as helpful and full of handy little tips and tricks. Which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Have a great week, Keep smiling, we will get through this together! 🙂


Mandy x




Mandy J McDonald

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