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Mental Health Awareness Month

Our lovley afternoon out at the picturesque villiage of Barley

I really wanted to share this with you as I myself have suffered from high levels of anxiety and stress in the passed and have friends at the moment who are also suffering. I think the biggest problem for me was actually admitting I was mentally ill.

I class myself as quite a strong and happy person that can deal most things life can through at you and never feel overwhelmed I just take it in my stride and crack on! but that was the worst thing that I could have done. There were  signs when I look back like,  I would go for weeks with hardly any sleep, and kept my feelings to myself, I was juggling my full time job with part time teaching, which as you can imagine was very demanding, but I just kept going thinking it will get better, it won’t be like this forever! until one day whilst teaching in college one of my peer’s said something to me and I just flipped and I mean flipped! I couldn’t control my feelings or emotions and went into full melt down I was physically crying in pain I felt like my whole world had just come crashing down on me and there was no way out! In the next few days that followed I just couldn’t snap out of this feeling like I was living under a dark cloud. I went to my local G.P who was amazing and listened. As I sat there I remember saying “I don’t know why I’m here I’ve nothing to feel bad for I have a partner who loves me , a lovely home, no worries in general but then burst out into uncontrollable crying and said” but I cant stop feeling like this!” My doctor was so sympathetic and said that I was suffering from severe anxiety and stress and needed some time out, she also gave me telephone numbers in case I wanted to talk further and her door was always open if I needed her.  I was later referred to a councillor to help me deal with the amount of stress I was feeling who again was amazing when I look back he totally helped me understand where my anxiety’s started and gave me the advice I needed on how to spot my triggers and how to help me deal with them. Here’s a link to help if you need to talk to someone; .  I still have days where I struggle but have learnt by giving myself a little bit of me time and  to slow down and not feel guilty! talking to my hubby, friends and family  helps me get through those times and then I’m back to my normal self, well as normal as I can be! 😉 I know now it can happen to anyone at any time and to just talk to somebody who can empathise when you need it the most can make all the difference. If you have friends or family going through the same there is help and advise out there to get through it, please see your local G.P who will give you the guidance you need, you should never feel like you’re alone! Together we can break down the stigma that goes with mental health issues. Enjoy your life and do whatever makes you feel good and mentally healthy 🙂


Mandy x

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