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Outdoor Autumn Fun Painting Leaves

We had just come back from a lovely long walk with Molly the other day the sun was shining and we didn’t want to play indoors so I thought lets have some outdoor autumn fun painting leaves, my little man shouted out” Yay”!! and thought it was a great idea!

outdoor autumn fun painting leaves

I explained to James what we needed to get and he went running round gathering all the things we needed;

1, Glue

2, Paint

3, Paper

4, Leaves

5, Paint brushes

I love it now James is at that age where he wants to do everything for himself, it’s great to watch how his mind works when he’s trying to figure things out! 😉

All the crafting things we needed we already had in the house so we didn’t need to buy anything, We just had to collect some leaves out of the garden and we were ready to go!

outdoor autumn fun painting leaves

James loved being outdoors painting he thought it was great! He could make as much mess as he wanted, without me nagging at him!! 😉 squirting the paints out all over the paper having lots of fun. Then he had a go at painting the leaves with gold glitter paint we bought from Asda last year. It had lasted really well!

outdoor autumn fun painting leaves

I think just being outdoors made this simple activity all the more fun. James sat there for an hour painting and sticking down the leaves then rearranging them to make little faces.

I would recommend taking any crafting activity outdoors as your little ones can make as much mess as they want! No worrying about spilling on the carpets or floors or painting the walls and sofa’s!! Brilliant!

After we had finished James wanted to go and find more things to stick on his paper so with his little bucket in hand we went off for another lovely walk to forage for more things to use for our next activity 🙂

Have a go with your little ones outdoors I’d love to know how you get on and what other crafting activities do you love to do! Have a great week 🙂


Mandy x



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outdoor autumn fun painting leaves




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