Why Pretty Muddy Made Me Smile.

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This time last year I really wanted to do something positive and give something back, after losing my mum and father-in-law to cancer, within weeks of each other, and with their anniversary coming up it just felt right, if you know what I mean.  After seeing the Pretty Muddy race for life advertised on the telly, I thought that looks great fun and its for a great cause, so lets do it! My hubby was so supportive, and my sister Sarah was really up for the challenge. We went on the website and got all the information and sent off for our packs. The Pretty Muddy race for life website had loads of useful tips and advice on training, and all the information about  the obstacles that would be there on the day,  just what my sister and I needed to give ourselves a good kick up the bum! It really did us both the world of good we trained most nights together and spoke about mum and how she would be smiling down on us. I can’t tell you how positive it made me feel when we were going through such a tough time.nearly there!We met some fantastic people at the event and we couldn’t believe how many people had been touched by cancer, reading peoples messages on their backs to their loved ones was so emotional yet seeing all the strength of all the women coming together to help fight this awful disease and do something positive was absolutely amazing.

The whole race was great fun, my sister and I had some mud fights along the way and got absolutely wet through, such a laugh!  I would definitely recommend this race to everyone as you can run, jog, or even walk round, it all ends up raising money for life-saving research being carried out, and every single penny counts!

It really gave Sarah and I something positive to do, and when you’re grieving I think anything that can put a smile on your face, at such a sad time, and help give something back, well I know my mum would have been so proud of us,and that always makes me smile 🙂


Mandy x

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