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Strictly Briks-BigBriks (Review)

Strictly Briks-BigBriks (Review)

I have to say when the people at Strictly Briks approached me to review their product, I hadn’t heard of them! So doing a little digging, as you do! I soon realised there’s a whole world of flexible creativity that I was unaware of! So with an open mind, and knowing how much my son loves to build. I kindly accepted. This is our Strictly Briks-BigBriks (Review)

Strictly Briks-BigBriks (Review)

The Review

The Strictly Briks arrived really quickly and was well packaged. As soon as James so the brightly coloured box he couldn’t wait to open it! The BigBricks are great quality, you can tell as soon as you feel them. They don’t bend or break easily, and will last for a long time to come, I’m sure! The BigBriks come in four lovely bright colours, red, green, blue and yellow. The 84 piece set is broken up into three sized pieces. 2×2 BigBriks: 48 pieces. 1×2 BigBriks: 24 pieces, and 2×4 BigBriks: 12 pieces. A good mixture of sizes for your little ones to create their masterpieces! James loves to build and couldn’t wait to start straight away. James found them easy to assemble and soon had a little tower built in no time!

Strictly Briks-BigBriks (Review)

Strictly Briks-BigBriks (Review)

The Details

Suitable for ages 3+ The Strictly Briks-BigBriks are available in four different sizes we had the 84 piece set available on Amazon for £19.99. The other sizes vary in price you can buy 108, 119, or a 204 piece sets, all available on Amazon. You can also add baseplates, unique shapes, and silicon straps. Their complete range and weekly offers are on their Website.

The Verdict

After being a little sceptical of this product, as I’d never heard of them! I can say this has opened my eyes to the world of building bricks. This is a great starter set for pre-schoolers. James loved them. Great quality easy to use, and great bright colours. Let your little ones get creative and have lots of fun learning in the process. The Strictly Briks fit with all major building brick sets, and are really versatile!

Strictly Briks-BigBriks (Review)

We managed to build a tower bigger than James, he couldn’t wait to knock it down and start again. This is a great product to help teach creative play. Let your little ones imagination run wild!


Mandy x


Disclosure: I was provided with this item in return for my honest review. All opinions in this post our my own.


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