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Our Sunday Mini Adventure.

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You know when it comes to the end of the week and you think, what can we do as a family?, and you don’t always want to spend a fortune, but really want to have a mini adventure. Well that’s how we were today. Luckily we don’t have to travel too far to find somewhere locally to go. My husband suggested we head to a different part of our local canal and see where it takes us… so off we went on our mini adventure!

Here we go



As we arrived it was easy to park up and get straight onto the canal, which was brilliant, and there was a local map with lots of information about this area as soon as you approached the canal.Lots of local information








James Josephs face was a picture when he saw the ducks and swans, he absolutely loved watching them swim towards us. He was so excited that he wanted to jump in and swim with them, bless him. He’s getting to that age where he’s pushing all boundaries now, and we have to try our best not to laugh and found that distraction works best with him at the moment!  We soon found a stick to distract him and then he was off, so we could go and have a lovely walk by the canal.

By the canal sideour sunday mini adventure www.mummysmagicalmayhem.comour sunday mini adventure www.mummysmagicalmayhem.comGot my stick

It was a lovely afternoon to be out and about in the fresh air as a family , and there are loads of lock areas scattered all along the Leeds and Liverpool canal, which have lots of local history and beautiful countryside right on our doorstep. Check out your local Canal and River Trust and see what’s on near you,

Look what I've found

Love family time, whatever you do and wherever you decide to go I think  its always magical as a family, and I thank my lucky stars that we have our little man, happy Sunday mini adventures.


Mandy x

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