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Sunny Smiles On Rainy Days

sunny smiles on rainy days

sunny smiles on rainy days

You know those days when its pouring down outside and you think, eek! what am I going to do today?! Well today was one of those days! so I thought lets get wrapped up and put our wellies on and see what happens?!… Well we lasted the whole of 10 minutes, it was so cold and windy James Joseph was saturated, bless him. He did manage to splash in lots of puddles and had a huge smile on his face, giggling away every splash he made.

After drying off, we started to make a den with the cushions in the living room, which then turned into a slide, James Joseph loved it! up and down he went, laughing every time he came down. He makes my heart melt, every time I said, “1, 2,3 jump,”  he couldn’t stop giggling, then he repeated saying his version of, “1, 2, 3 jump”, we must have repeated ourselves over 100 times, it was hilarious!

Here I goI'm hre againCan you see me

Round 2, playing with cookie monster, James Josephs favourite toy at the moment, another great game for counting. As you put the cookies into his mouth, cookie monster talks back, which my son finds amazing! love watching as he puts the cookies into his mouth then he pretends to have a bite, and then shares it with me and puts it back into cookie monsters mouth, all whilst he’s gibber jabbering….love to know what he’s saying?! Sometimes I can catch some words, and I’m amazed on how much he is coming on! is your little one the same?One cookie hahaI want it

After lunch and little mans afternoon nap its round 3, bob the builder can he fix it?!, well its more like how much he can totally destroy!, then we try and put everything back together again. My house looks like a bomb has hit it! but hey little man is having a ball so I just go with the flow. After every toy has been tipped out of his toy boxes, and lots of playing, we have a little moment where James shrugs his shoulders with his hands turned up and looks round then says,” oh no!”, classic!! I try not to laugh but smile and say, ” lets see how fast we can put this all away”, then start clearing like I’m on a mission! Little man soon gets into the swing of things and we get it all tided away in no time,….Brilliant!

Time for tea… after that, what makes me laugh is that we do it all again, we must be bonkers! I think that’s just part of being a mummy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy your rainy days!


Mandy x


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