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A Visit To Our Local Pet Store.

i want one!

local pet store

It was one of those days where we had to go lots of places picking up a whole list of things we needed to get, so we thought we’d do it all in the morning then have lunch, little man can have his nap then we can go and do something fun as a  family in the afternoon. As our first port of call was to pick up Molly Macs food, we arrived at our local pet store and James Joseph went running in, it’s a long time since we have taken him to the store as my hubby usually picks it up on the way home from work. How his little face lit up when he saw all the fish and little animals awwww……i want one!more fish!James Joseph was so excited looking at all the fish in store, and I have to say they have some great displays in Pets For Home. Then we saw some baby rabbits…how cuteThey were adorable and the little beige one just caught James Josephs eye, he was mesmerized and couldn’t keep his eyes off him. There were loads of mice, gerbils, rats, and guinea pigs, all with lots of information on all the pets and how to look after them. looking at the miceWe had a ball in the store James Joseph just kept running from one to the other loving them all and enjoyed watching how they ate, run round and loved all the different types of fish swimming in their tanks. What turned out to be a quick visit for food ended up being an hour of fun for our little man, and the best thing is it costs nothing, how good is that! So if you’re out and passing a local pet store with your little one have a little look in and watch your little one’s faces light up, it’s priceless!


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